Custom Craft Ep.3 – Squadron Tower Defense

This week on Custom Craft, Mike and Nick play a round of squadron tower defense.  Different to most tower defense games, this one features teamwork based 4v4 gameplay. What makes the game the most addictive and challenging is the complexity of managing your minerals and vaspeen gas while using one of the many builders available. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how all of this comes together, so you will have to watch the video to find out.

We would also like to announce that we will be changing Custom Craft to Tuesdays. The change gives us more time to play and prepare these weekly videos.

Getting into Starcraft 2 with Day[9]

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I am a big fan of Starcraft 2 and the entire e-sports scene. This video illustrates something fundamental about gaming. My serious attempt at competitive gaming a few years back almost made me quit altogether. Presented by professional Starcraft player Day[9], this video will go through the basics of getting into Starcraft 2. I highly recommend anybody to watch it because even if you’re not interested in the game, most of the concepts presented in the video can easily translate to gaming in general.