Sanctum Gameplay – The Basics

Tower defense with an interesting twist; Sanctum switches things up by giving players a first-person perspective, with guns of course! We’ve played a few rounds of Sanctum since we bought it during Steam’s Summer Sale for an incredibly low $2.50 per person. So far, we’ve definitely had more than our money’s worth playing this game, especially with the recent addition of up to four-player co-op. Check out the video above to see Mike and I play a match together while we cover some of the basics.

Benchmarking the latest Nvidia 270.51 [beta] drivers

Nvidia released the beta to their new 270 series drivers last Tuesday. Looking at their release notes, the new drivers show some overall performance gains. The biggest performance gains are seen on Dragon Age 2 and many games running in 3D Surround. As for the typical games, the GTX 500 series have seen a 5-10% performance increase in Nvidia’s own testing. Since we prefer seeing real-world testing, we took a line of six games to test out our  GTX 470.

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