Bad Company 2 Gameplay / Battlefield 3 Discussion

In this video me and Nick got together to play some Bad Company 2. We figured by now most people have already played Bad Company 2, so we instead focused on the future of the franchise with Battlefield 3. Taking into account our extensive experience of the Battlefield franchise, we discuss the defining points of the series and how they should evolve for the next release.

Portal 2 — Singleplayer Playthrough [Chapter 3]

The second chapter showed off the basic mechanics, and the third is designed to put those skills to the test. Of course since I beat the co-op first, I learned how to apply the tools available that allowed me to breeze through the third chapter. Despite being relatively easy until this point, the game seems to be setting up for some real challenges from the fourth chapter on. I am quite excited to play the next part, but for now read on to see the two part video covering the third chapter.

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