Custom Craft Ep.3 – Squadron Tower Defense

This week on Custom Craft, Mike and Nick play a round of squadron tower defense.  Different to most tower defense games, this one features teamwork based 4v4 gameplay. What makes the game the most addictive and challenging is the complexity of managing your minerals and vaspeen gas while using one of the many builders available. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how all of this comes together, so you will have to watch the video to find out.

We would also like to announce that we will be changing Custom Craft to Tuesdays. The change gives us more time to play and prepare these weekly videos.

Bad Company 2 Gameplay / Battlefield 3 Discussion

In this video me and Nick got together to play some Bad Company 2. We figured by now most people have already played Bad Company 2, so we instead focused on the future of the franchise with Battlefield 3. Taking into account our extensive experience of the Battlefield franchise, we discuss the defining points of the series and how they should evolve for the next release.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Quick Look

This is my quick look at The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. I’m just a couple of hours into the game and I’m already loving it. It’s still taking time to adapt to a few of the RPG elements, but I’m very optimistic about this game. Have a look at the video as I go over my initial impressions and cover a few of the basic mechanics in the game.



Portal 2 — Singleplayer Playthrough [Chapter 8]

I finally managed to make my way out of the original Aperture Science testing grounds, and back into the modern facility. Now that Wheatley took over, there have been a few changes to some of these test chambers. The increased likelihood of death and a wider arsenal of tools to use in these re-designed chambers do give them a nice touch. However the downside to the recent change in control has resulted in the imminent destruction of the entire facilities. This means I need to find Wheatley sooner than later. Read on for the two part video

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Portal 2 — Singleplayer Playthrough [Chapter 7]

This chapter continues what we saw in the previous chapter; more old school chambers with even more use of gels. As I moved on through the different levels, I became somewhat less excited with each one. There was some slight frustration trying to figure out some of the areas which ended up having quite a simple solution. I can always blame some tiredness that was fogging up my thought process. Either way I was happy to have finished the history trip so I could return to modern times. Read on for the three part video.

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Portal 2 — Singleplayer Playthrough [Chapter 6]

Have I mentioned that Portal 2 is full of surprises? I never imagined what ended the previous chapter would have been possible, and now I’m left in this crazy situation. Stuck in the original Aperture Science facilities I need to find a way out, and this doesn’t look like an easy task. The different level design and the use of gels had a pretty significant change in how I need to attack the areas so I can progress further. With that said it’s not just the best chapter yet gameplay wise, but learning the history of Aperture Science made the entire experience quite unique.  By the end of this I didn’t quite escape the confines of the old facilities just yet, but that’s not a bad thing either. Read on for the three part video.

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