Sanctum Gameplay – The Basics

Tower defense with an interesting twist; Sanctum switches things up by giving players a first-person perspective, with guns of course! We’ve played a few rounds of Sanctum since we bought it during Steam’s Summer Sale for an incredibly low $2.50 per person. So far, we’ve definitely had more than our money’s worth playing this game, especially with the recent addition of up to four-player co-op. Check out the video above to see Mike and I play a match together while we cover some of the basics.

Real Cars Pack in Grand Theft Auto IV

As per a request on the original video I posted yesterday, I’ve included a video which features all of the cars found in the HD car pack I have installed on my copy of GTA 4. The pack features a whole slew of real-life modeled cars that are even detailed in their interiors. Have a look at them and see just how incredible the game can be with just a few fancy cars. Credit goes to whoever made the car models! Look below for links to the HD car pack. For a list of the other mods, please check out my previous video.

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Grand Theft Auto IV – Realistic Mods

Having just purchased the GTA 4 complete pack on Steam during their summer sale, I looked into installing some mods that would make the game look prettier. Sure enough, there was a huge list of mods to choose from, ranging from texture packs, to trainers and car model packs. After looking at the video above, you should have a good idea of what to expect from the game. Without further ado, here’s the list of mods I have installed on my version of GTA 4

Anomaly: Warzone Earth – Quick Look

Anomaly: Warzone Earth is an action/strategy game with a different take on the tower defense aspect. Instead of defending, you have to path out your troops through a maze of roads which are lined with different hostile towers. Proper route planning and strategic use of your skills will help your troops get to the objective. I am having a great time with the game at the moment and cannot wait to get further into the campaign.