Final update

Hi everybody, this is the final update on our old website. Since we are only keeping this website up for archival purposes as there is some content still being linked to this one, we are now disabling comments on all posts.

Please visit our new website at :

New website !!

Visit our new website at :

Hi everybody, this is our last update on this website as we have moved onto our new one. We have decided to not port over all the content to our new website. Because of this decision, we will be keeping this website online for some time as to not break all of the linked content out there. With that said, remember to update your bookmarks and RSS feeds to the new website as this will be the last update.

Custom Craft Ep.3 – Squadron Tower Defense

This week on Custom Craft, Mike and Nick play a round of squadron tower defense.  Different to most tower defense games, this one features teamwork based 4v4 gameplay. What makes the game the most addictive and challenging is the complexity of managing your minerals and vaspeen gas while using one of the many builders available. Unfortunately I cannot tell you how all of this comes together, so you will have to watch the video to find out.

We would also like to announce that we will be changing Custom Craft to Tuesdays. The change gives us more time to play and prepare these weekly videos.

Bad Company 2 Gameplay / Battlefield 3 Discussion

In this video me and Nick got together to play some Bad Company 2. We figured by now most people have already played Bad Company 2, so we instead focused on the future of the franchise with Battlefield 3. Taking into account our extensive experience of the Battlefield franchise, we discuss the defining points of the series and how they should evolve for the next release.

Duke Nukem Forever – Extended Impressions

My first impressions of Duke Nukem Forever where not too bad, especially the very beginning where I had to fight the boss in the Duke Dome. But now that I broke the three hour mark in the campaign, there are many things that have become quite apparent with the game. Along with my impressions, I also discuss my view on the current state of the franchise.