Custom Craft Ep.2 – Monobattles

Good day everyone, we’ve got some new Custom Craft for you this week! Joined by our “special” guest, Etienne, Mike and Nick look at Monobattles, a custom game for StarCraft 2 with a very simple concept. Monobattles is a 4v4 game where each player chooses one attacking unit to build for the entire round. It makes for some very interesting strategic battles and is worth looking at for any StarCraft 2 player.

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Altitude – First Impressions

Here, Mike and Nick take a quick look at the 2D side-scrolling plane shoot-em-up called Altitude. It’s a fun little game that’s easy to just drop in and out as you please and waste some time. As of the time of this posting, the game is available as a free weekend on Steam and is also on sale for $5. Go try it out now and see if it’s worth your money!

Sanctum Gameplay – The Basics

Tower defense with an interesting twist; Sanctum switches things up by giving players a first-person perspective, with guns of course! We’ve played a few rounds of Sanctum since we bought it during Steam’s Summer Sale for an incredibly low $2.50 per person. So far, we’ve definitely had more than our money’s worth playing this game, especially with the recent addition of up to four-player co-op. Check out the video above to see Mike and I play a match together while we cover some of the basics.

Real Cars Pack in Grand Theft Auto IV

As per a request on the original video I posted yesterday, I’ve included a video which features all of the cars found in the HD car pack I have installed on my copy of GTA 4. The pack features a whole slew of real-life modeled cars that are even detailed in their interiors. Have a look at them and see just how incredible the game can be with just a few fancy cars. Credit goes to whoever made the car models! Look below for links to the HD car pack. For a list of the other mods, please check out my previous video.

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