XGM – Mike Hains

I am an avid gamer, who loves to play and explore new games. I was introduced to games from a very young age, and have since enjoyed my passion. Of course I love to share my passion and opinion, and this has pushed me into creating this website. I always try to find a fair and unbiased opinion on games, and as such I am always open to any criticism and comments.

How to find me :

Steam XGM15
StarCraft II XGMike.579

As for my hardware, here are my PC specifications:

CPU AMD Phenom II X6 1055T – 2.8GHz 6-Core
GPU EVGA GTX470 SuperClocked – 625MHz 1280MB
RAM 4x2GB Mushkins Enhanced Blackline – DDR3 1600MHz 7-7-7-20
Motherboard Asus M4A87TD Evo
Harddrive 2x2TB Hitachi Deskstar – 7200RPM 32MB
Power supply Seasonic M12II – 620W
Heatsync Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283
Case Fans Six Cooler Master 120MM fans
Case Thermaltake V3 Black
LCD Samsung 245bw – 24” 1920×1200
Viewsonic VX2025vm – 20.1” 1680×1050
Mouse Steelseries Ikari Laser [White]
Keyboard Razer Black Widow [Cherry MX Blue]
Audio JVC A-K10 Amp
Custom loudspeaker – 8” Tesla Woofer and 3” Fostex tweeter

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