Real Cars Pack in Grand Theft Auto IV

As per a request on the original video I posted yesterday, I’ve included a video which features all of the cars found in the HD car pack I have installed on my copy of GTA 4. The pack features a whole slew of real-life modeled cars that are even detailed in their interiors. Have a look at them and see just how incredible the game can be with just a few fancy cars. Credit goes to whoever made the car models! Look below for links to the HD car pack. For a list of the other mods, please check out my previous video.

Here are the links to the car pack. You must download all three: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 *** For some reason Mediafire keeps taking down these links. For that reason, I am no longer re-uploading these files. Please search for them on your own if you really wish to download them.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a fix for the taxi glitch (to help generate more random traffic).You may download it from here. You’ll have to register to their site in order to download it.

UPDATE #2: Don’t forget to visit our new website for continued updates at

4 thoughts on “Real Cars Pack in Grand Theft Auto IV

  1. what web is it to download this mods like all mods you know like you just shown here

    and do you now what computer do you need so gta 4 would work on my computer just can you tell me what pc do you need ok

    and ass well i have i bit of problems with my computer what happens is that when i hack somthing it turns the web of and i dont now why it does it can you email me and tell me what i have to do

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