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Having just purchased the GTA 4 complete pack on Steam during their summer sale, I looked into installing some mods that would make the game look prettier. Sure enough, there was a huge list of mods to choose from, ranging from texture packs, to trainers and car model packs. After looking at the video above, you should have a good idea of what to expect from the game. Without further ado, here’s the list of mods I have installed on my version of GTA 4

You will also need the following files added to your GTA IV game folder in order to run the scripts/mods:

  • Scripthook
  • ASI Loader –> Download the file ASI Loader from the list. I’m not able to direct link it.

Be sure to read the Readme files for each mod before installing them, of course!

Please note that I am running the update and I purchased this game from Steam. That means the mods featured here may not necessarily be compatible with other versions/updates of the game. Please verify which version you have before installing these as it may lead to unexpected crashes.

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  1. I installed the mods, except for the First-Person Mod, but the game crashes on startup… 😦

    • Which version of the game are you running? The version I have here is from Steam, running the update. If you’re on the retail version (meaning you have the disks) and are running on a different update of the game, there’s a strong chance these particular mods won’t work for you. Check your version and look for the mods that are compatible with yours. Good luck! 🙂

          • I don’t think there’s a particular order in which they need to be installed. However, the order I followed was first iCEnhancer, then HD Textures and car pack, then Simple Native Trainer and then the first-person mod.

    • I did indeed notice a significant performance hit after installing these mods. The first one I installed was the iCEnhancer 2.5 mod, which after setting it to the proper resolution (through the config file) dropped me from around a solid 60fps to about 50fps.

      After that, I installed the HD city textures and the HD cars at the same time, and that brought me down to around 30fps. I have my in-game settings up at almost max, so I’m sure if I turned a few things down, I could easily get above 40fps.

      I hope that answers your questions. Cheers!


    • If I remember what Nick was saying, there are currently issues with it but there should be a new version soon that works. I would check the readme that comes with the mod as it should explain everything you need to know about this.

    • To add to what Mike was saying and clarify some stuff, no not all of the mods will work with EFLC I remember trying iCEnhancer 1.2.5 on EFLC and it was unplayable (screen was far too bright). Also, the newest version of iCEnhancer was just released (v 1.3) and from my own experience, I can say it is semi-compatible with GTA 4 on patch but has a few issues, especially at night time. As for EFLC, I’ve also read that it has compatibility issues with the latest version of iCEnhancer as well, though I don’t know to what extent those problems go.

      As for the other mods I featured, which include a Better City Textures, the HD car pack and the first-person mod, I am not aware of whether they work correctly or not. I cannot see why the Better City Textures pack or the HD car pack wouldn’t work, but I would advise you to look into the respective mod’s Readme files and find out for yourself. Even doing a cursory Google search will likely answer most of your questions concerning those mods as well.

      I will be making a new video featuring the latest iCEnhancer mod in addition to a few other mods I’ve installed since my last video. For that video, however, I’ll be running on GTA 4 patch due to certain compatibility issues with the mods, as mentioned above. If you’re interested in seeing those, please check back with us over the next few days!



  2. I have the CD’s…update to version 1.4.. machine is 3.2 dual-core Intel,NForce 790i mb.,GEforce 8800 GTX video,10g.mem,XP-64 bit,DX9,NET framework 3.5 SP1.I installed “scripthook” and ASIloader,plus the files needed for the “trainer”.Dsound.dll is the problem here.I remove it and I have a std. GTA4 program.I put it back in,still have “sounds,” it gets to “loading Bleed Out,”…there is a 1/2 sec. blurb of tones and program closes with typical “..send error report to MS?”……hiding in the tunnel for 15+ minutes with 6 stars does not work.All I really want to do is get to the other Islands without going through the program or the Cops chasing me ….I want to roam around there.

    • …me again… version is GTA4 1.0.4b..I noticed after trying some other “packages” with enhancers and reloading GTA4,I now have another folder under GTA4 called “pc.” Within, it has “anim”,”data”,”audio”,”models”,”html”,and “textures” folders.

      • Good to know that you got it working. Nick is more familiar with the GTA mods, and he told me that all you need is to go over the included readme files for each one. Everything should work if you follow them correctly, but if there are further issues I would check out some GTA modding forums as they would have a better idea.

        • Back again…is there a way,when I “lock the camera” and it is at the rear of the car (always).is there a way to “raise” the angle and possibly move it farther back and then “lock it”? When the cops chase me and I come to a hill I cannot see in front of me,or what is around the corner (it) being at such a low and close angle..On a lesser note,is there a way to “remove” most of the menu items I never use?When in battle I have to search through 10’s of options trying to find the one I need (I can use the key comb. so NBDeal).BTW..Star Junction looks great now without roadblocks,snipers, and LC cops everywhere!

  3. …..I’m quickly back with an update….I installed a program called “FileCheckFix.asi” ,put the dsound.dll back in and your “trainer” is working now!!… ? What is GTA4 + DLC (something about Liberty City?)..GTA4 + EFLC is episodes from L.C…I seen Spark4 as an editor.

  4. Program could use a REAR-VIEW MIRROR at bottom of screen….I am missing everything when out-running bad guys or police….Is it possible to have the small screen on the phone used as a rear-view while driving?…Great “trainer” program though….

  5. how do i get started on actually playing the game basiclly where do i go for me to install the game without the disc and if they have any installizations for free ?

  6. If you are using ELS Mod: Did you have ELS based game crashes, and if yes how did you fix it? GTA 4 Retail

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