Comet Crash – Quick Look

The PSN title Comet Crash may look like a typical tower defense game, but playing it reveals quite a different take on the genre. Unlike a typical tower defense where you passively defend from waves of enemies, Comet Crash takes an active approach. Both players must attack to reduce the opponents hit points, while fortifying their own defenses with various towers. To fill in the downtime between building and upgrading, you will find yourself flying around to capture asteroids which happen to be the single point of income.

The game is available on the PSN Store, and is free this month for current PSN+ subscribers. There is also a free demo available on the store.

The games built-in video recorder adds the watermark while outputting at 640×360 with ~22fps. The game natively plays at 1080p with over 30fps and looks much better than this video.