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The Crysis 2 demo was released yesterday and I took a dive in the PC version. The demo comes with two maps and two game modes. On “Skyline” you fight across these skyscraper rooftops trying to get the upper hand on the high center point. On “Pier 17” you will be sticking to the buildings to shoot the unfortunate crossing the shipwreck. As for the game modes, up to twelve players will be co-operating in either the standard team deathmatch, or in the capture and hold “Crash Site” game mode. Having played an hour, here are my brief impressions of the game.

Like most shooters these days, Crysis shares the majority of the basic elements found in your Battlefield or Call Of Duty games. The nanosuit with its inherent abilities and skills is what makes Crysis unique towards the rest of these shooters. Your suit has a recharging energy supply that powers one of three abilities. By default you have maximum mobility with faster running and high jumps, but you can enable the suits stealth mode rendering you nearly invisible, or use increased armor to reduce damage from incoming fire. Alternating between these abilities at the right time is vital to your strategy if you want to gain the upper hand. For example you can enable stealth, high jump onto the second story to get a stealth kill. Its nice that the map design will lend its self to moments like this, but for the most part they feel quite empty. Whether this is due to size and complexity of the map, or just the small player cap, the team deathmatch games had large amounts of downtime between the bursts of action.

Since we are talking about Crysis, there is no way to dodge the graphics. The first Crysis was a technical powerhouse and set the benchmark for the following years. Following its legacy to a certain extent, Crysis 2 still delivers some impressive visuals. Unlike the first game, I don’t need to wait for the next generation graphics card to play it on maximum settings. As a matter of fact, my PC with its GTX470 (specs link) runs the highest setting at 1920×1200 in the high 40 fps range. This may seem tame compared to its predecessor but Crysis 2 still manages to show some impressive visuals. The first time playing, it almost like looking at a tech demo where they throw tons of stuff on the screen and impressive effects to get you drooling.

Overall the Crysis 2 demo left me mixed. CryEngine 3 provides some great graphics, and the gameplay has some neat touches with the nanosuit. When it comes to the playing online, I really feel like an extra six players would lower the time spent wandering around, giving a more action packed experience. Then again, if they had introduced something more than just the nanosuit mechanic, it would be much more enticing to play.

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  1. Oh wow looks so wierd with the HUD bobbing, i turned mine all the way off. I feel the same as you largely, tho I have a feeling in full release with all the maps and possibly vehicles itll be much better, plus PC will be getting updates for new GFX softwares other than DX9.

    +1 sub

    • Yea I quickly went over the options after to change the HUD bobbing and remap some of the suit controls. Kinda lame that they didn’t showcase DX11 in the demo, but they still managed to make it look pretty darn good running in DX9. As for the gameplay I’m still reserving my final judgement until the retail version comes out.

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