Quick Look — Bulletstorm


Today I’m taking a quick look at Bulletstorm. In this quick look we start things off on the second act in the first chapter. Of course in the brief time spent at the beginning of the game, it is quite obvious that this game is something quite out of the ordinary. The constant action packed sequences and funny character dialog create a great synergy. The entire game is focused on this skillshot system, where you get awarded points based on the originality used to kill enemies. Of course to help you change things up, theres is a nice encyclopedia that shows off many categories of kills you can take advantage of. The reward for being creative and always looking for new ways to finish off your enemies would be the bonus points, and these points are spent on upgrades that increase your arsenals strength and flexibility.

In the short amount of time I spent, I can easily say this is one of those games that I’ll go back to just to have a good time. Having played the PS3 version, and currently playing it on the PC it is obvious that the mouse and keyboard is the way to go. While the consoles do pull it off quite well, the loss of fidelity and both the fast and accurate controls don’t feel quite as fun. Hopefully this game keeps delivering, because until now I’m having a blast playing Bulletstorm.